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HowAboutWe takes a shoot first approach to online dating, letting users suggest their ideal dates for other users to browse and accept. This casual approach lends itself to lighthearted fun, decreasing the anxiety usually associated with asking someone out on a date. The site also brings potential matches to you on a daily basis, providing five interesting dates from compatible members. This all means that HowAboutWe may be the best site to actually meet and date people in real life as quickly as possible.


Pricing and Packages

Options Cost Per Month Savings (compared to monthly subscription)
Free Membership $0 N/A
1 month $28.99 N/A
3 months $15.99 49%
6 months $9.99 65%
12 months $7.99 72%

Membership Base

Though HowAboutWe began developing its media presence fairly recently, it has still managed to amass quite a following, attracting over a million visitors on a monthly basis. This may have to do with the site's marketing on popular social networking hubs like Facebook and Twitter. Accordingly, the membership skews toward the younger side, showing that people aged 25-45 are overrepresented on HowAboutWe compared to the average internet audience. Likewise, members without children and members with a college education are overrepresented-though any and all are more than welcome to sign up.

With a separate option for couples, HowAboutWe may also prove better equipped to retain members who use the service successfully to find a partner. The site offers date coupons for couples to continuously have new experiences in their relationships. Currently, this option is only available in New York and San Francisco, but seems to have picked up enough steam to warrant expansion into more cities.

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Because HowAboutWe is focused on connecting people in the real world, its most important service is the date suggestion feature. Members use the premise "How about we…" to suggest date ideas that interest them, like "How about we… eat sushi and pizza" or "How about we… go watch monkeys at the zoo." Members can then search dates by specific categories (eat, drink, play, etc.) or by which ones have been suggested most recently, then take other members up on their ideas.

Browse suggestions for potential datesBrowse suggestions for potential dates

HowAboutWe makes finding matches a little easier by providing Daily Dates, which connect you to relevant matches and show you their most recent date suggestions. You can choose to skip the date or say that you're intrigued, which lets the other person know that you want to take him or her out. If you're stumped on what to suggest for a date, the Date Ideas section offers some insights into the most popular date ideas. Speed Date will allow you to see tons of members' date suggestions, deciding in rapid succession whether or not you're interested. You can also check out date suggestions by geography using the helpful Date Map, which displays who's nearby and what they'd like to do.

Though the free features will help get you out in the dating scene as quickly as possible, there are some significant advantages for premium members. For a small monthly fee, you'll be able to narrow your search parameters, see who's visited your profile, read messages and send correspondence. Essentially, premium status makes communication and interaction with future dates even easier, as well as connecting you with the types of people you'd like to meet.

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HowAboutWe takes one of the most awkward steps out of dating, letting you determine the game plan before you even meet someone from its growing membership base. The site provides an easy transition into partnership, offering date ideas and couple's coupons to help keep the spark alive and try something different. So, how about you give it a try?

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